A nice garden is a contribution to society- Oct 23, 2021

Lanchi Hoang

A nice garden is a contribution to society

My Garden has 5 sections

Mini cactus section

Seasonnal Section

Water Section

Rose Section


Fruit Section


I love my garden and I am grateful that the government has helped me to rent this place at a great price. This is an excellent example that the Australian government has a great program to help lower income people. To give back, I always try to live by the Australian rules and laws. Besides that, I think building a small garden is a healthy option for me as well as a small contribution to society. When the seniors walk in the morning and the school children pass by in the afternoon, they can enjoy my garden and that will help with their health in general, correct?

Oh, my nice garden is a contribution to society!

That’s my payback to the society!

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