Talking with Lan Chi-With Nadine Davis, President of Barber City Women’s Club



HLC: (Good morning) Nadine Davis. I have just learned that Barber Woman Club has just awarded a scholarship at Westminster, CA. I am honored to have an interview with you today about this program. First of all, can you tell me when this club was established, and how many members are there in the club?

Nadine Davis:The Barber City Women’s Club was created in 1927. Since then the club and clubhouse have gone through many changes including when Barber City was absorbed in 1957 when the city of Westminster became incorporated. We are registered with the California Federation of Women’s Cubs. There are about 32 members. The purpose of the club in 1990 was and continues to be: To organize for the advancement of charitable, cultural, educational, philanthropic, and welfare activities in the community, and the service to others. The club is non-political, non-sectarian. The club motto is “We Live for Those Who Love Us and the Good We Can Do.”

Charities and non-profits which have benefited have included but are not limited locally to: American Family Housing shelter in Midway City, S.H.U.E Project (seniors mentor 1st and 2nd graders at the senior center in Westminster), Veterans Hospital of Long Beach (patient garden), The Pet Food Bank, Interval House and Collette’s Children, Nadine’s Patio (Golden West College nursing program which gives nursing students a space to study, eat, and socialize) and internationally to: Heifer international and Malawi, Africa, where school supplies were sent to a teacher of disadvantaged students.The group raises funds for two $1,000 educational scholarships for women who live in Westminster to assist them in continuing their educational goals.The ways the club raises funds include: Bunco, Pancake Breakfast, offer various food options to be sold at the Westminster Summer Concerts in the Park, summer BBQ/Bake/Yard sales, fall Community Craft Faire, Fall Dinner, and supply baked goods at the December Westminster Tree Lighting. Free programs the club has sponsored for the community includes: Free book exchanges, free knitting/crochet monthly gatherings.What have some our members done to support the group? Bake cookies, breads, jams; organize events, work at the events, become docents at the Westminster Historical Society, go to monthly meetings, help cook for the monthly meetings, provide donations of clothes and shoes to be given to the needy for the Light House Project.

HLC: How about social/communities activities of the Club?

Nadine Davis: We have Bunco on August 15 at 7PM. We have a BBQ to be held at the clubhouse on August 23, 2014 from 11-2. We have a craft Fair on September 20 from 10-2. We sell cookies and Hot Dogs at the Westminster Concerts on Thursdays July 31, Aug 7 and 14th from 6-7

HLC: When was the idea of giving scholarship for student of Westminster established? Who was the founder? and when was it actually started?

Nadine Davis: We have given $3000 worth of scholarships the last 2 years to Westminster Women. We enlarged the pool from high school seniors to women who are pursuing further education.

HLC: How many scholarships are given in a year? What is the value of each scholarship?

Nadine Davis: We gave $3000 worth of scholarships this year 2 $1000 scholarships and 2 $500 scholarships

HLC: What are the standard of selecting scholarship recipient? And who are in the selection committee

Nadine Davis: A Completed Application, Photo Identification, a copy of educational transcripts if applicable, Personal statement stating why applicant is seeking scholarship. Statement should include background and future goals and community service experience, Extracurricular activities, memberships in clubs and organizations, recognitions, awards, or honors received. 3 members of the Barber City Women’s Club read and score the applications. The highest scored applications receive the scholarships.

HLC: Does the club have any plan to expand this scholarship to other areas in the future such as Garden Grove, Fountain Valley?

Nadine Davis: No each of those cities have women’s clubs who also Give out scholarships.

HLC: Thank you so much for your time today. I wish the club will be successful and can contribute more to society.

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